Flueless Gas Stove 3.1kw Plain Open Glass Door Matt Black

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Brand Flame Fireplaces
Output 1.5-3.1kw
Efficiency A
Height 637mm
Width 615mm
Depth 320mm
Weight 80kg
Fuel Type LPG / Natural Gas
Warranty 3 Years
Colour Options Black / White
Body Steel
Availability 14 Days
£1,320.00 £1,100.00
Availability : In stock
The clean crisp lines and the large open door design of the eko 6030 flueless gas stove makes for a stunning addition to any living space. The eko 6030 flueless gas stove looks and feels like a real wood burner but doesn’t haven’t any of the drawbacks of a solid fuel stove. No chimney or flue is required, no storage is required for the logs and a flueless gas stove does not require cleaning after use. The simplicity of gas at your finger tips and controllability of heat provides a system that is far superior to operate and cleaner to maintain. In addition to these benefits a flueless stove will be significantly cheaper to install and run. The flueless stove engine features all the benefits of innovative catalytic technology; 100% (Direct) energy efficient, reduced running costs, simple installation and a new clean burning ribbon burner. As no chimney is required 100% of the heat is distributed into the room, making this stove not only an extremely reliable source of heat but a very affordable one too. Flueless gas stoves require a minimum room size of 35m3 (typically 12’6" x 12’6" x 8’) and 100cm2 of purpose provided ventilation. The eko 6030 features a fabricated metal body and is available in matt black or white finish. At the heart of the stove is a large glass window that allows the fire to be enjoyed in all its beauty. And, finally to add detail and complement the overall aesthetic, a matching door handle and slide control handle is finished in brushed stainless steel. This product is not suitable as a primary heating purposes.
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